Durban Research-Action Partnership

Welcome to the Durban Research Action Partnership

The Durban Research Action Partnership (D’RAP) is a partnership between the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) and eThekwini Municipality (EM) and is set up as an umbrella under which various transdisciplinary research programmes, such as biodiversity conservation, management and social-ecological systems, are implemented. Through D’RAP, transdisciplinary research is conducted within focussed research programmes within the eThekwini Municipal area in a range of disciplines including environmental science, biological science, social science, governance and economics. These research programmes aim to generate much-needed evidence-based knowledge to assist eThekwini Municipality (both municipal officials and leadership) in making informed and appropriate environmental management decisions, and to build capacity by supporting student research activities at the University. Such novel institutional partnerships are important for generating knowledge and learning so as to address the gap between scientific research, policy development and management within a local government.