Durban Metropolitan Open Space System

  • D’MOSS is green space throughout the city’s urban mosaic
  • Consists of riparian, forest, & grassland habitat
  • Preserved to protect biodiversity & Ecosystem services
  • No development allowed
  • Considered in city planning

Mammals in DMOSS

  • Fragmentation & connectivity of D’MOSS forest mammals
  • Camera trapping, maps created for planning
  • Long term monitoring method for management
  • Prioritising conservation areas & planning connectivity 

Biodiversity & eco-estates

  • Identifying animal biodiversity in eco-estates
  • These act as semi-natural pockets throughout the city
  • They act as corridors between agricultural and urban areas
  • This research provided good management suggestions

Vervet monkeys in the city

  • Research on the urban ecology of monkeys
  • Their use of the space & challenges faced
  • Human – wildlife conflict a major issue
  • This research provides evidence based practices for education & management